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This domain was used previously to deceive and confuse people. For the protection of the public we took those individuals to Federal Court and have won a Permanent Injunction against them or anyone in active concert or participation with them from ever using the term Bradley in conjunction with childbirth, they have to pay financial restitution, and they had to relinquish these domains to us.

Federal Court has ruled the term, “The Bradley Method®” is valid and is a currently registered and exclusive trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark office. Only instructors affiliated with the American Academy of Husband-Coached Childbirth may teach for The Bradley Method®. All others are in violation of Federal Law and may be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

While we do not wish to promote the people who were behind this attempt to steal our name, we do think that people should be made aware of what they did. To learn more you can visit briovent.blogspot.com to read the stories of the people who were duped by this, and how they finally realized what was really going on. The site also has some of the court records, and recordings of the person behind this. If you or someone you know was misled into leaving the Academy and would like come back… simply go to aahcc.com and click the link on the bottom of the login page for a streamlined approach back to where you belong.

NOTE: briovent.blogspot.com has been taken down due to a lawsuit filed by Karl Clinger of Embrion Group Inc. A new blog has started in its place to tell the truth about these people and what they are doing to the birth community. To learn more you can go to birthscamreport.blogspot.com. People are posting there stories about what Brio/Kyle/Karl have done and continue to do.